Setting Slogin for Joomla

Installation of Slogin

  • Download package component Slogin at least version 2.3.0
  • Install the package by installing extensions Joomla. Extensions => Extensions Manager => Load package file => select the package Slogin => click "Upload and Install"
    Install component slogin

Setting Slogin for the service

  • After installation, go to the component settings: Components => Slogin => Settings => go to the tab "Slogin Service Authentication".
  • Then you need to get an ID and password, where to get them?
  • Go to page:
  • If you have not registered yet checking in, you can simply sign in through the social network.
  • Click on the button "add site".
  • In the "Callback" referenced format ( replace on your website or you can copy the link from the field ready "Callbsck URL" in the settings Slogin ).
    Setting Slogin for
  • In the "Password" field, enter the secret word.
  • Click on the button "add".
  • After adding a site gets its user ID and password, which is entered in the previous step.
  • We put these settings field settings Slogin.
    1. Enable authentication through the service.
    2. Copy the "id" site service
    3. Copy the "password" site service
  • Select the network and save the settings.
  • Now you need to publish the module in any position Slogin template. We pass into the Extensions => Modules => Module "Slogin".

About Slogin

Slogin is a product Joomline is based on the development of the same name the authorization component for Joomla. The service is designed to simplify configuring the authorization through social networks.