Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The following privacy policy is valid for all products Slogin, Slogin provided by the company. From time to time, the company will inform users about specific changes regarding privacy issues in certain transactions. If the user has any question related to privacy policy they may contact representatives of the company any of the following convenient method for him.

The stored information and its use

The company Slogin can refer to the following information:

Information provided by the user when logged on the company's website. In this case he makes some personal data. In order to improve the services of the company, such data may be combined with information from third party sources. On the page of your Personal account, the user receives more information about your account.

Cookies – if the user visits the website of the company or in any way uses his abilities on his computer, smartphone or other suitable device, come one or more cookies. They are also used in order to make the service more tailored to the needs of the user. Namely: save user preferences, tracking user characteristic trends. Cookies may be used by the company Slogin for the purpose of advertising and providing services to publishers and advertisers in placing ads.

Information about visits – when a user accesses the services of the website of the company in any convenient way, the servers immediately and automatically retain certain information. These data servers can contain the following information: IP address, browser language and type, time and date of the request, plus cookies with the help of which you can identify the account or the user's browser.

The company's services Slogin on affiliated sites – there are a number of services offered by the company that are linked to some other sites. User's personal information provided to these sites may be sent to the company Slogin to provide you with these services. The processing of such personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Social networking apps – for some products Slogin worked flawlessly, you need to install the application one of the many social networks. In that case, if the user opts to install the application Slogin used in social network, it is automatically agreed that the company Slogin can use any profile in a social network, it has not been locked. It may contain the following information: gender, age, Hobbies.

Other sites – this privacy policy applies solely to the services Slogin. Sites referenced directly from these services, sites that use the products, applications and services Slogin the company does not control. These sites can placed on an electronic device the user's cookies, as well as to collect data or send requests for personal information.

In addition, the information gathered by the company Slogin, can be used for:

Delivery, support, protection and improvement of the existing services, Slogin, and to develop new services.

Protect the rights or property of the company Slogin, as well as users

Before use information for purposes not specified in its initial request, the company Slogin is obliged to send you an email with the request to allow such use.


To view and manage information that is stored in a personal account Slogin, the user can log into his Personal account Slogin.

Most browsers have their initial settings configured to receive cookies. If the user wishes to change these settings, he can simply choose to refuse all cookies or alert option sending data files. However, we must also consider that some services and functions Slogin will not work properly if you disable cookies.

Providing access to information

The company Slogin may provide access to personal data to other companies or third parties is not relevant to the company Slogin, only in the following exceptional circumstances:

The user has enabled this option. In order to use any confidential information of the company, written consent from the user.
If you need to process the information on behalf of the company, it provides such information with our affiliated and subsidiary companies and certain trusted individuals and organizations. Its main requirement in the processing of such data is to follow strict instructions and compliance with this privacy policy and the adoption of other privacy protection measures.

On the basis of certain facts the company Slogin believes that access, use, storage or disclosure of personal data is required in the following cases:

For the execution of all existing laws, requirements and regulations of the legal process or a valid request from the relevant state bodies
For the execution of the applicable Terms of services including investigation of possible violations of
To detect and prevent fraud, address security issues and resolve various technical problems
To protect against possible threats to the rights, security or property of the company Slogin, its users or the public, what is required and permitted by law.

In the case where the company Slogin will participate in a merger or other activity for the management of your assets, user, you are guaranteed the confidentiality of all personal information involved in the transaction. The company will inform the user before his / her personal data will be transferred and will fall under the effect of other conditions privacy.

Protection of information

Slogin company has taken all measures to protect your data from illegal access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. These measures include actions internal check of processes of gathering, processing and storage of data and security measures, and encryption and measures to ensure physical data security to prevent unauthorized access to systems containing personal data.

Personal information user will have access only to those employees, contractors and agents of the company Slogin, which for transactions carried out on behalf of the company, you must have some personal data. All such persons undertake to abide by the rules of confidentiality, violation of which entails strict penalties, including dismissal and even criminal prosecution in case of violation referred to in this agreement obligations.

Access to personal data and their update

In referring to the service Slogin, the company takes the necessary steps to grant the user access to their personal information and opportunity to correct it if it is not correct, or delete in accordance with his request, unless its storage is not required in law and not conditional on legal business.

While processing requests, Slogin will request confirmation of the person and the information with which users want to work: to get, to remove or correct. The user can get a waiver to run some queries in the event of their systematic or frequent repetition, if the service Slogin require excessive effort in the technical implementation of these requests, if they infringe on the privacy of other users, if the execution of those requests meaningless, and if the access to the necessary information of a special request does not require.

Data access and modification is free of charge, except in those cases where the service Slogin require excessive effort.

Remote from the active server information may be stored for some time within additional copy. Then it will be completely removed.


According to the Federal Law "On information, information technologies and about information protection" and the Law "On personal data", notice, choice, transfer, security, data integrity, access and enforcement is carried out by the company Slogin under the provisions of these Laws.

The implementation of this privacy policy is regularly reviewed by company Slogin. Receiving a formal written complaint or comment, experts Slogin mandatory contact with the author of these letters to clarify all claims and misunderstandings. If not it will be possible to resolve at the local level, involved in partnering the relevant regulatory bodies and local authorities, controlling execution of the data protection Act.

Changes to privacy policy

Slogin the company reserves the right to modify certain provisions of this privacy policy. However, the scope of user rights agreed upon in this agreement, will not be restricted, except giving them explicit permission to do so. This page will publish changes to this privacy policy. Personal email notification the user will receive in case of significant modifications. The archive will store prior versions of the agreement of confidentiality, which, if necessary, it is always possible to view.

About Slogin

Slogin is a product Joomline is based on the development of the same name the authorization component for Joomla. The service is designed to simplify configuring the authorization through social networks.